Czarci Młyn w Świeradowie Zdroju
Czarci Młyn w Świeradowie Zdroju

A school class, a group of friends, a company trip, a group assembled by a travel agency…

If a group arrives unannounced, they can wait 30 to 60 minutes for visiting. Visiting large groups over 30 people it is usually led by 2 guides who divide the group into smaller parts. One should take into account the extension of the visiting time with very large groups. As in the case of individual visiting, after listening to the history and seeing the ancient exhibits, the group is treated with delicious bread at the end.

Reservation required by e-mail:

or by phone (during the opening hours of the facility): +48 570778078.

The reservation is valid after sending the required data and receiving its confirmation sent by SMS.

Discounts for groups do not apply during peak traffic hours: 11.00-14.00 on weekends, holidays, winter holidays, long weekends and in the summer season (July, August) from Thursday to Sunday.

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